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pandora stella charmToday’s post is the first of my Pandora reviews in the lead-up to the bracelet promotions at the end of this month, and features a review of the Pandora oxidised silver bracelet! This bracelet review has been requested a couple of times, and is one that I thought was particularly worth doing, as there are some things that you should be aware of before you buy this bracelet.

I’ll be talking mostly about durability and styling, but please feel free to ask me anything about the oxidised bracelet that I haven’t covered here. :)


Essentially, the Pandora oxidised bracelet is the standard Pandora silver barrel clasp bracelet, but with a chain treated to make it appear much darker in colour. This is achieved by exposing the silver to oxidising agents, which cause it to turn black.pandora oxidised silver bracelet The clasp, however, is untreated, and provides a beautiful bright contrast against the oxidised chain.

It is significantly darker than the regular silver bracelet and offers an edgier look in comparison. There is no (or very little, depending on your region) price difference between the two bracelets, as the oxidised bracelet is merely a treated version of the original silver bracelet.


pandora oxidised silver bracelet comparison…which is, of course, what everyone is most interested in. The main issue with the oxidised bracelet is that the effect is not permanent, and its deterioration is expected – Pandora does not consider this a manufacturing defect and will charge you if you want to have it re-oxidised. Some retailers even go so far as to recommend that you save your oxidised bracelet only for special occasions. Eventually the bracelet will begin to lose its dark colour and you’ll see patches of silver where the oxidation is wearing away. The loss of oxidation is caused by the simple wear and tear of wearing the bracelet with charms, and is worsened by any contact with sweat, creams or chemicals such as perfume.

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