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Oxidation chart

Oxide removal from copper, brass, bronze, nickel silver and other copper alloys containing high percentages of copper.
10 to 25% hot sulphuric acid with 5 to 10% potassium dichromate added. Pickling can be done at same time flux is removed. Will work on carbon steels, but if pickle is contaminated with copper, the copper will plate out on the steel and will have to be removed mechanically. This sulphuric pickle will remove copper or cuprous oxide stains from copper alloys. It is an oxidizing pickle, and will discolor the silver filler metal, leaving it a dull gray.
Oxide removal from irons and steels.
A 50% hydrochloric acid solution, used cold or warm, More diluted acid can be used (10 to 25%) at higher temperatures (140-160°F/60-70°C.) A mixture of 1 part hydrochloric acid to 2 parts water can be used for Monel and other high nickel alloys. Pickling solution should be heated to about 180°F/80°C. Mechanical finishing is necessary for bright finishes. This HCI pickle is not like bright dips on nonferrous metals.
Oxide removal stainless steels and alloys containing chromium.
20% sulphuric acid, 20% hydrochloric acid, 60% water, used at a temperature of 170°-180°F(75-80°C.) This pickle is followed directly by a 10% nitric dip, and then a clean water rinse.
20% hydrochloric acid, 10% nitric acid, 70% water, used at about 150°F(65°C.) This pickle is more aggressive than the sulphuric-hydrochloric mixture listed above, and will etch both the steel and the filler metal.
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