Are nitric oxide supplements safe

What Is It?
Nitric Oxide is a gas inside your body that helps the cells in your system communicate with each other. It is a compound that consists of one oxygen atom and one nitrogen atom. This gas is produced when Arginine, an amino acid, is broken down by enzymes. Scientists claim this gas has almost unlimited functions in the body, controlling blood circulation and regulating the stomach, kidneys, liver, lungs, brain, and other vital organs.
Products containing Nitric Oxide where first introduced in 1996 and continue to be used both for medicinal and bodybuilding purposes. Since this gas increases blood flow, it helps bring more nutrients to the muscles, thereby helping your muscles get larger after a stressful activity like lifting weights.
Do Nitric Oxide supplements Work?
Everybody requires some amount of this gas to keep their body functioning properly. From the perspective of a bodybuilder, this supplement can provide increased muscle growth because more blood is flowing throughout the body. If someone is suffering from a deficiency, they may show extreme fatigue and physical weakness because the muscles do not have enough blood flowing to them. Essentially, nitric oxide supplements do work, but they should be consumed in moderation.
Are Nitric Oxide Supplements Safe?
Overdoses can be dangerous, just like with any other amino acid product. Consuming too much arginine may result in nausea, weakness, and diarrhea. If your product does not have a specific set of guidelines for dosage, you should follow a routine known as “tolerance mapping”. Only consume a small dosage for a week and not any side effects or benefits you may be experiencing. You can gradually increase the dosage until the nitric oxide supplements side effects have been minimized and the benefits can be maximized. With time, you should be able to find the perfect dose.
Many people report increased energy while using this supplement. For example, if you previously struggle with working your arms, you can take nitric oxide supplements give your body a little extra energy to get all you can out of a workout. In addition, it provides numerous other benefits to your muscles. There are numerous protein supplements and powders that contain arginine. If you are taking other powders as well, then pay attention to your arginine intake to prevent overdosing. Taking too much of this product will not do any extra good to your body and you may find yourself with complicated health problems.

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  • NO UNNECESSARY ARTIFICIAL JUNK. 100% naturally sweetened with stevia and erythritol and no unnecessary fillers, dyes, or other chemicals.
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