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Magnesium oxide for constipation

Magnesium oxide, for one, does have health benefits to offer. Thus, it becomes imperative for us to make its function in the body known, followed by its relative constituency. The major requirements of magnesium oxide are felt in the nerves, cells, bones, heart, and muscles of the body. Digestive disorders, such as, indigestion, and heartburn, are likely to stay under control when the consistency of magnesium oxide is maintained. For a balanced level of magnesium in our body, green vegetables, like fenugreek and spinach should be consumed. Other foods that contain magnesium are peas, beans, and nuts. Soy milk and oysters also contain large amounts of magnesium. These foods contain enough magnesium to keep our body fit.
However, in some cases, in spite of consuming magnesium-rich foods, the body may lack this essential element. This is probably due to the fact that the body loses more magnesium than obtained from foods. In such cases, people take magnesium oxide supplements, in order to maintain its normal levels in the body.

Side Effects
Most of the time, there are no side effects caused by magnesium oxide; nevertheless, sailing through the safer side is considered best. People ought to take these supplements as prescribed by the doctor. In rare cases perhaps, the intake of magnesium oxide may cause adverse effects on the body. These side effects depend on the content of toxic material present in the magnesium oxide. Important details on the side effects are the following:

  • At times, magnesium oxide is known to cause severe skin reactions; like, rashes, hives, and itching.
  • Other side effects include a feeling of tightness in the chest, and difficulty in breathing.
  • In some cases, swelling of the mouth, tongue, lips, and face may be observed.
  • Along with the above-mentioned side effects, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, slow reflexes, and black and tarry stools are some others.
  • Most of the side effects are due to hypermagnesemia as a result of the elevated levels of magnesium oxide. This condition affects the nervous system causing suppression of neuromuscular transmission. The degree, or severity of the side effect depends on the presence of the toxic magnesium serum.
  • In a few cases, the respiratory rate is recorded to plummet along with the blood pressure.
  • It also has an effect on the cardiovascular system, and may br a proven agent in causing a decreased myocardial vasodilation, hypertension, and bradyarrhythmias.
  • Magnesium oxide can also cause suppression of the release of Parathyroid Hormone (PTH).
  • Cramping and feeling light-headed are the observed side effects in some instances.
  • It can also give rise to mood swings and certain mental changes may occur.
Hydrated magnesium oxide is commonly used as an antacid. It helps in relieving indigestion and reducing acidity. It has the characteristics of a laxative; hence, is used for relieving constipation as well. Though proven helpful in treating certain ailments, an overdose of magnesium oxide as a supplement has the same harmful effects as mentioned above.
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