Oxidation of benzoin

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Nobuko Watanabe, Mitsutaka Hamano, Shota Todaka, Takahiro Asaeda, Hisako K. Ijuin, and Masakatsu Matsumoto

The Journal of Organic Chemistry2012 77 (1), 632-639

Lehao Huang , Kai Cheng , Bangben Yao , Yongju Xie Yuhong Zhang

Cover ImageThe Journal of Organic Chemistry (ja),

James W. Ogle, Jubo Zhang, Joseph H. Reibenspies, Khalil A. AbboudStephen A. Miller

Organic Letters2008 10 (17), 3677-3680

Janice L.Hyatt, VanessaStacy, Randy M.Wadkins, Kyoung Jin P.Yoon, MonikaWierdl, Carol C.Edwards, MatthiasZeller, Allen D.Hunter, Mary K.Danks, GuyCrundwell, andPhilip M.Potter

Cover ImageJournal of Medicinal Chemistry2005 48 (17), 5543-5550

Randy M.Wadkins, Janice L.Hyatt, XinWei, Kyoung Jin P.Yoon, MonikaWierdl, Carol C.Edwards, Christopher L.Morton, John C.Obenauer, KomathDamodaran, PaulBeroza, Mary K.Danks, andPhilip M.Potter

Journal of Medicinal Chemistry2005 48 (8), 2906-2915

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