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Ethylene oxide sterilization

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When considering different sterilization options, it is important to understand the advantages of the ethylene oxide (EO) sterilization process. Having the knowledge of how this process works could easily prevent any unnecessary product testing, or could identify product changes which may be required before using EO sterilization. This article discusses the EO sterilization process and details the six steps including environmental preconditioning, initial evacuation, humidification, gas injections and gas dwell, postexposure gas purge and air inbleed, and heated aeration.

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3M Comply Indicator Strips For 100% EO & EO Mixture, 5/8" x 8", Color Change From Red to Green, Perforated, 240/bx, Item 1251
  • Monitors multiple parameters: Sterilization Compatibility EO Gas / EO Mixture
  • Larger portion of indicator ink for a greater area of monitoring in the pack to allow for detection of more sterilization failures
  • Perforated in the middle of the strip to allow length to be adapted to pack size
  • 240 perforated strips per box, can be halved to make 480
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