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Aluminum oxidation remover

I don't thing you removing the anodized surface. It looks like your just scrubbing the dye out of the anodized surface, as anodized aluminum has large amounts of microscopic pores and that's what enables it to be dyed so readily. The aluminum oxide(anodized surface) is harder than most steels (that's why its used in most grinding wheels and sand paper), albeit very thin, and scrubbing with cleaner and a brush would not scratch through it.

One thing you can consider, is using a plastic brush, which will definitely be softer than any metal or anodized finish. I got a pack of plastic bristle brushes from Harbor Freight for a couple bucks. In my case it definitely didn't scratch it all, but to be honest, I barely needed the brush. I'm still using this knife- it's in my pocket right now and the scratches on it are fro sloppiness, not from removing the anodizing color. Good luck with your project, please let me know how it turns out

I know this post is old, but I have one question. Can I use Multi-Purpose Greased Lightning, or do I have to use the Auto and Shop that you used?

Hello guys ... I know it is a very old post but may be someone can reply ... I hope daniel_reetz is still around :-)
As you might already heard about anodize coating on the back aluminium of black iPhone 5 is susceptible to scratches. I've already dropped it once and got nasty marks on the corners. I'm thinking about removing this black anodized coating myself. What is the best method to do that, considering that I can't dip it in something? It has to be removed neatly and completely. Another thing I wonder is would I get a nice silver aluminium (like MacBooks) or some greyish silver aluminium?

I just soaked grease covered anodized parts in Lestoil to remove the grease and tar. It started foaming after 10-15 minutes and after 30min it had removed the red anodized color. I'm not sure if it is just leaching the color or stripping the anodized layer. Does anyone have any idea how/why a cleaner like Lestoil would have this reaction? It seems weird that a grease cleaner safe enough for laundry and mopping would have the power to do this.

oven cleaner is terrible. a few years back on a news program here in sydney a lady got some on her skin and it literally ate away at her flesh. she had a good 2 inch deep crater in her calf muscle. it was terrible

Great 'ible! I would have never thought that something like this was possible until i saw this. +4.5!

You should note that the surface anodizing hardens the surface of the aluminum. Scratch prevention and all that. But aluminum is self anodizing on exposure to air so it'll eventually turn gray and take on light surface hardening again.

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