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Nitric oxide side effects bodybuilding

1) Nitric Oxide basically increases blood flow and circulation.

2) Regulates activity in many organs such as the brain, liver, kidneys, and stomach.

3) Improves vascular tone

4) Reduce and help to prevent unwanted blood clots

5) Improves heart health

6) Help to prevent the accumulation of plaque in the arteries

It is a gas naturally produced in the body that has many benefits which are getting noticed by bodybuilders, doctors, drug companies, and the supplements industry. Basically, increasing the levels of nitric oxide increases the benefits it provides thus the reason for the supplement. There are generally two types of people taking a supplement to produce more nitric oxide. The athlete that is trying to build muscle and the individual that needs the many health benefits that come from increased blood flow and vascular tone. Read on and I will give you the basics I have found and if you need to become more familiar with some of the scientific details, do some more searching around. I am not a doctor or scientist. I have just found that taking nitric oxide has made it one of those easy things to do to build more muscle. I have noticed increased muscle building from taking a supplement and the fact that it has many other benefits is just a bonus. I am working out longer and harder. My muscles get more pumped and my recovery time is less.


Nitric Oxide increases blood flow. Since blood is the body’s way of transporting what the muscles need for energy, growth, and over all maintenance and health, increasing the amount of blood to the muscles also increases the amount of nutrients the muscles receive. Blood also removes the unwanted byproducts that cause fatigue and slow performance. Therefore the concept is simple, increasing the production of Nitric Oxide increases blood flow providing the muscles with more nutrients and removing the byproducts of metabolism that causes fatigue ultimately allowing the bodybuilder to stress their muscles harder and longer but shorten their recuperation time.

What this means to a bodybuilder is that the muscle is getting what it needs to build and the unwanted negative byproducts are removed at a faster rate promoting muscle growth. Nitric Oxide can perform many tasks but the bodybuilder wants increased blood flow and nitric oxide does this by being an intercellular messenger regulating this process. Nitric Oxide relaxes the cell tissue allowing more blood flow and thus nutrients into the muscle and the bodybuilder feels that pumped muscle while the muscle is now getting more blood and nutrients than ever before due to the increased Nitric Oxide from the bodybuilder taking the supplements.

Medical Benefits

People with High Blood Pressure

Nitric Oxide helps the body’s arteries and blood vessels to expand and contract as the blood is pumped throughout the body. It improves blood flow and since constricted arteries and blood vessels are the main reason for high blood pressure, improved contraction can improve this condition. Blocked arteries and blood vessels are also known to reduce the production of Nitric Oxide and increase the risk of heart attacks and stroke. So when taking a supplement that will aid in producing Nitric Oxide, it will help dilate the blood vessels and increase blood flow thus reducing and removing debris that are causing blockage.

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