Nitric oxide patches

The blood vessel dilating nitric oxide isSo many important benefits beyond the pump! Nitric oxide increases nutrient rich blood flow to your muscles without increasing cardiac demand! This creates a biological environment with several important health, fitness, and wellness benefits:

  • NO and your cardiovascular health: Nitric oxide helps you maintain and achieve normal blood pressure levels. Eventually, even the detrimental effects of smoking are partly mediated via the smoking-impaired reduction of endothelial nitric oxide synthesis (Barua. 2001).

Optimal NO levels will thus protect you from all the potentially fatal secondary diseases (heart disease, stroke, etc.) that have been associated with chronic hypertension (Haynes. 1993; Stamler. 1994).

  • NO and your immune system: Despite the fact that "today, there is no simple, uniform picture of the function of NO in the immune system" (Bogdan. 2001). There's no doubt about the important role of nitric oxide in the maintenance and function of our immune system.The idea that NO booster were mere It's after all nitric oxide that's used by our body's pathogen police, the white blood cells, to attack viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, helminths, and even tumor cells (MacMicking. 1997).
  • NO and your metabolic health: Next to the previously discussed health effects, nitric oxide has also been identified as an important regulator of glucose control. In this regard, NO's ability to increase glucose transport in skeletal muscle (Balon. 1997) is particularly intriguing and could be great interest to both, athletes and sedentary, often overweight individuals (Bogdanski. 2012).

Some scientists even go so far as to speculate that the natural increase in NO production that occurs with acute and chronic training (Jungersten. 1997) may be partly responsible for the well-known exercise-induced improvements of blood glucose management. The impaired NO production in diabetics, on the other hand, is part of the vicious cycle that makes it so difficult for diabetics to normalize their glucose levels and lose weight.

  • NO and your brain / CNS health: Without nitric oxide our brains' neurotransmitters system cannot function properly. Studies that used an NO-synthase inhibitor, which prevents the local conversion of precursor molecules as you can find them in our "Nitrix Oxide Booster" Patch to nitric oxide, found that a lack of nitric oxide production inhibits the release of neurotransmitters like serotonin, which makes you happy, and dopamine, which gets you going (Garthwaite. 1991; Yun. 1997). Needless to say that this may have far-reaching negative effects on how you feel and behave.
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