Black Oxide process

Black oxide-coated bearingsWind energy companies are constantly seeking ways to reduce turbine operating costs. Black oxide-coated bearings are one solution. SKF offers an enhanced black oxidation process for bearings used in new and existing installations.

Operation and maintenance (O&M) costs can constitute a significant proportion of running a wind turbine, up to 25 % over the lifetime of a machine1; thus manufacturers and maintenance service providers are keen to adopt any technology that makes a contribution to reduced maintenance and downtime. With this in mind, SKF is championing a surface treatment based on an enhanced black oxidation process for bearings used in wind turbine applications.

Black oxide-treated bearings can replace conventional units as part of wind farm maintenance routines, as well as being specified for new installations. This means that the benefits of black oxidation can be applied across the entire wind energy industry.

SKF, as a global engineering company and a leading bearing supplier to the wind energy industry, has extensive experience with wind turbine applications, from bearing design through to broad services covering condition monitoring, lubrication systems, asset management and the provision of spare parts. Through SKF’s long involvement with the wind energy industry, the company has identified a number of opportunities to improve operational reliability through new products and processes such as the specially designed black ­oxidation treatment. This is a surface refinement process that can deliver significant performance improvements at an acceptable cost.

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