Columbia Museum of Art
    Feb 5th- May 3rd

    The Columbia Museum of Art presents a groundbreaking exhibition that includes a wide variety of work dating from the early 20th century to the present. REMIX highlights the practice among many African-American artists of retelling or refashioning themes, ideas, and objects in new ways and from their own unique perspective. Indeed, the title REMIX is a reference to how African-American musicians sample other music by quoting it in new musical works, and this same process goes on in the visual arts. REMIX will not only impress viewers with highly creative objects, it will invite discussion about history and how artists create entirely new works.

  • "Kidnapped Pagans" Installation

    The Art Space, Raleigh, NC
    April 1-June 25th

  • Guilford College Art Faculty Exhibition

    Guilford College
    Main Gallery, Hege Library
    February 3 – March 27, 2016

    The 2016 Art Department Faculty Exhibition is a sampling of the recent creative research undertaken by the faculty, including both traditional and nontraditional approaches. Highlighting the diversity of ideas, materials and imagery these artists explore, the exhibition includes painting, collage, sculpture, photography, a mixed media sound installation and collaborative ceramics.

    The exhibition also serves to introduce the work of the Art department’s newest tenure-track assistant professor, Antoine Williams, who arrived to teach painting, 2-D design and drawing in the fall semester 2015. Other faculty exhibitors include Maia Dery (photography), Mark Dixon ’96 (mixed media sound installation), Roy Nydorf (sculpture), Charles Tefft ’97 and Phil Haralam ’02 (collaborative ceramics), and art historian M. Kathryn Shields, who will present a lecture on her research as an element of the exhibition.